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Unbelievable: Mistrial Declared in Clemens Trial

So you mean to tell me that Roger Clemens lies to congress and gets away with it?

The judge in the case declared a mistrial earlier today, and he is free! Apparently, the prosecution introduced evidence that the judge ruled inadmissible. It is said to have to do with witness statements by Clemens’ former teammate Andy Pettitte and Pettitte’s wife. It is my understanding (please correct me if I am wrong) that the wife’s testimony was ruled inadmissible. When the prosecution did introduce that evidence the judge in the case immediately ruled a mistrial, and potentially made Clemens a free man. Clemens is also possibly safe from more charges due to the double jeopardy laws.

Okay, well first off he should have never been brought in front of congress anyway. The reason I feel that way is because our country is screwed up enough, why would they try to take on this PED (Performance Enhancing Drug) case? The best thing is that they screwed this up to. Nothing fails to get screwed when Obama is in charge. That’s right friends I just blamed it on Obama. Everything is his fault. That’s what the democrats did to Bush. That is another story for another date though, back to Roger.

Prosecutors have been after this case since 2007, when Clemens was first mentioned in the Mitchell Report. Roughly four years later, it seems as though “The Rocket” will be a free man and not get tried for lying to congress.

So here’s what I get from this case. I can go take PEDs, lie about it, and get away a free man if I am a professional athlete. That is what the United States justice system is telling me. Don’t even get me started on the Casey Anthony crap. That is American justice at its finest right there.

Clemens has a hearing on September 2nd, or around that time, to determine whether or not they will try him for something else or continue the “witch hunt” that it seems to be.

As of now Roger Clemens, at one point one of the best pitchers in the bigs, is a free man. He took PEDs, denied it from day one, and lied to everyone about it. And he is a free man. That is an issue. A big one.

We will see come September what the justice system has up their sleeve of tricks next, because I am quite certain this is not over. Right when you think something like this is over they find something else to charge and prosecute Roger Clemens with.

Enjoy your free time Rocket, because you happen to be the luckiest person ever right now.

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