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Classes Underway at Ole Miss

So fall semester classes have now began all across the Southeast, and that includes in Oxford, Mississippi. Freshmen began their move-in process late last week and everyone else moved in throughout the weekend.

Classes began for all students at Ole Miss yesterday, and boy was it crowded. Chacos roaming freely with coastas, visors, and tank tops also all over campus. All I have to say there is “Welcome Home”.

One thing that makes life hell here on campus is parking. The University Police Department claims there is “adequate parking” for all respected members of the Ole Miss family. I beg to differ. Here’s the deal. They make students buy stickers to put on our cars, that cost $75, to signify where our cars belong. For many students there are no parking spots available in those lots designated for them. That means those students who can not find a spot must park elsewhere, which generally results in a parking ticket. My question is how is that fair to the students who can’t find a spot?

I have an example. If you live in Brown Hall on campus at Ole Miss, you have two parking lots in a central location between Stewart, Brown, and Hefley Halls, for the guys in Brown, girls in Hefley and girls in Stewart. Those lots are always full, forcing some guys to park behind Brown in the other lot if they’re lucky enough to find a spot.

It is just a big fat mess, and really isn’t necessary. I have no problem walking. Meaning I’ll park in another location, and walk to my dorm and to my classes. The thing is, if I do that I’ll get a ticket which usually is around $20. That is I can spend that money on the Square in Oxford, or at Chick-Fil-A, or anywhere else in town. Either way, University Police here at Ole Miss really needs to work on that.

On another note, my biology teacher just stated, “Do not text in this class.” Well technically I’m not texting so I guess I’m not breaking the rules right? I am updating a website via smartphone. Hmm bending the rules a little I guess. Just another day in the life of Connor Hennessey.

Well I guess that’s it. Everyone’s all moved in and getting ready for what lies ahead, and looking forward to a new year. Football season is now less than 10 days away. That excites many around here in Oxford. The Rebs open their season Sept. 2nd at 3:45 when they host Brigham Young. Hopefully at season’s end we’ll be looking at a better outcome than we had last season.

That’s all I have, thanks for reading. Have a good one, and God bless.

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