Clearly my name is Connor Hennessey. I am from Shreveport, Louisiana where I graduated from C.E. Byrd High School. I now live in Oxford, Mississippi where I attend the University of Mississipi. At Ole Miss I am majoring in Journalism and New Media where I hope to start a career in that business.

Writing is a hobby of mine, and the fact is that I am one of the most unathletic people you will ever meet. Due to my unathletic-ness, I get countless opportunities to criticize, make fun of, talk about, etc about those who are athletic. Some say people like me behave the way we do because we are jealous of those who are athletic, which is false. I just find greater levels of joy talking about people.

If you know me you understand. If you do not know me, I hope my stories and opinions on this website give you a look into who I am. This website is for amusement reasons. For my amusement, your amusement, and all other readers who mosey on into the world of my amazing opinions. Anyone can read this page and the stories within. If you like my opinions or not, leave your feedback. I would love to know what you think most of the time. Follow me on Twitter on the right hand side of the screen.

  1. Chris Redford
    July 18, 2011 at 5:41 pm

    Hey buddy! Great website!!!

    Keep up the great work,

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